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How to Grow Nerine Bowdenii,
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Nerine bowdenii also known as Guernsey lily, cape flower or simply Nerine is valued for the clusters of small,
cards against humanity all expansions, pale pink, lily like blooms that appear atop tall, narrow, leafless stems in late summer and early autumn. The strappy leaves make an appearance in early summer,
cards against humanity mobile, long before the flowers bloom in September and October. At maturity,
cards againts humanity?, the plants reach heights of 2 feet. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 8 through 10.

Instead of planting seeds, you can also divide existing plants and plant the bulbs. Dig the clump of plants in the fall, after the leaves die down but are still visible. Separate the bulbs and then replant them. Division also helps if the plant appears overcrowded.

Nerine is also suitable for growing in containers. Plant the seeds or bulbs in a container filled with well drained commercial potting soil. The plant thrives in a gritty potting mixture, such as a mixture that contains a small amount of coarse sand.

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