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plan package to make sure they are getting the most for their company health benefits dollars.Whether you select a new health insurance carrier or renew with your existing one, be sure to find a plan that packages core medical benefits with additional services designed to improve health and reduce costs. For instance, ask your health benefits company if it has a disease management program to help employees with chronic conditions such as diabetes.Typically these programs provide employees with tools and instructions to help them monitor their health status and manage their disease to a point where health risks are as minimal as possible. Participation in disease management programs can also help employees avoid costly hospital admissions and reduce your bottom line.Once you have determined the health benefits plans that will be available to your employees, it is time to develop an agenda for open enrollment. An effective open enrollment campaign should do more than simply inform employees of their health benefits

the lab to do the test, c.) Lab to send in the results to the Company in reporting those results. With an instant results on site, drug testkit, that company has the ability to access the results right there on the spot! There is no lag time, no result reporting, and no waiting for any lengthy Laboratory Testing and lab results since our results are instant. The other Key Issue in onsite drug testing for employees, security, and safety reasons, is [ Costs ] Not only are the drug testkits we sell are cheaper, than an actual lab drug test, the result in lost time away form the job can be measured too, via accounting of the missed time, for that employee, and for the company as a whole, so
Wholesale NFL jerseys if you access data on all employees, their actual drug testing costs, time from doing the test, and time from when they actually were able to report back to work, will give that company TMs CFO/Controller a true analysis of the total costs, saved from using a Laboratory in Drug Testing. The most obvious cots savings is in SGA cost

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